We offer Documentary Edits as well as a variety of Highlight Films. View examples to see what style will work best for you. 

Wedding Trailer - Need something to hold you over while we put together all of the pieces of the puzzle? The Wedding Trailer is a sneak peak of the hours of footage we capture. Length: 1:00 - 1:30. View Wedding Trailers

Next Day Edit - Get instant gratification the day after your wedding by watching through a highlight within 24 hours after the big day. Length: 3:00. View Next Day Edits

Short Film - A favorite among couples. The Short Film is the ideal length for sharing with friends and family online. It is creatively edited to highlight the major moments and the smallest details. Length: 4:00 - 6:00. View Short Films  

The Wedding Doc - If you desire an extended highlight film, The Wedding Doc is your ideal option. It is the perfect balance between The Short Film and The Wedding Movie. Length: 7-9 minutes. View Wedding Docs

The Movie - 11 hours of video coverage gives us a ton of material to edit through. The Wedding Movie stars you and your significant other. It also highlights your supporting cast (maid of honor, best man, wedding party, family, etc.). It is the perfect option if you plan on having a viewing party with friends and family. Length: 10-12 minutes. View Wedding Movies

Documentary Edits - A documentary edit gives you everything that we capture just as it happened. We understand that you want to see and hear everything. That is why documentary edits are included in all of our packages. 

Delivery Options- USB, DVD, Online Links

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